Michael McClead

7.14.2012 McClead new full time singer of AFR

First the bad news: there is no more As Filthy Rags + Michael McClead. Contrary to what was previously reported on this very site, the As Filthy Rags + Michael McClead tour will not be taking place. Now for the good news: something much much better is in store. Michael was named the official new lead singer of As Filthy Rags and has been installed as the frontman on a full time permanent basis. You heard it here first: Michael is filthy!!! The group played their first show together at the legendary Christian venue Daniel's Den in Plano, IL on this date (July 14, 2012)!!! And....about the tour...As Filthy Rags (with Michael as vocalist) will be touring this summer and beyond. Look for the band (Michael McClead, Tim Hartman, Michael Francis & Tom Anderson) at a venue near you!!!!

06.05.2012 Michael McClead + As Filthy Rags

Michael McClead has been named the interim lead singer of Christian hard rock band As Filthy Rags. Michael teams up with bassist Michael Francis, drummer Tom Anderson, and guitarist Tim Hartman to combine for a unique style of Christian hard rock. Join them on tour this summer as As Filthy Rags brings their blend of rock n' praise to a venue near you. First show scheduled for July 14th at Daniel's Den in Plano, IL!!!!

8.30.2011 McClead on the Grok Show

Michael McClead recently did a radio interview with Minister Grok on the Grok Show. The Grok Show is an amazing Christian podcast featuring news & music and goes out to a worldwide audience. Minister Grok interviewed Michael in depth about both his music and his faith. Michael's music has also been played on the show. For anyone that missed the interview or who wishes to listen to it again, it can be heard HERE  or downloaded via ITUNES.

06.22.2011 McClead #1 Local Christian Artist

Michael McClead is now the number one local Christian artist for an area that extends as far west as Yorkville, IL to as far east as Bartlett, IL. This includes worship bands, heavy metal Christian bands, CCM bands and Gospel music. There are thousands of Christian artists on ReverbNation; but, the fans have chosen to make us number one. That means the Gospel is #1 and all the glory goes to Jesus Christ! Please check out our ReverbNation page HERE .

6.13.2011 McClead is an Artist you should know!!!

Michael McClead has been featured on the Christian blog as a Christian artist the world should know about. The blog features some of Christian music's best bands as well as a listing of up and comers. To view Michael on the blog please click HERE .

05.15.2011 McClead now on Facebook

Michael McClead now has an official Facebook page. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, to hear live music, and to receive band updates. Please "LIKE" the Michael McClead Band page on Facebook HERE.

04.01.2011 McClead returning to Great America

We are pleased to announce that Six Flags Great America has chosen to bring the Michael McClead Band back for three of its biggest shows of the year. The McClead Band will be playing a special Independence Day weekend show on July 2nd, as well as a Labor Day Extravaganza on Labor Day weekend in September. And as Six Flags' very own Porky Pig so eloquently says, "That's not all folks!!!"---get your scare on with the Michael McClead Band as our team takes on this year's scariest extravaganza at Six Flags Great America's Frightfest. For more on the shows click HERE .

3.1.2011 Michael McClead welcomes 2 new members

The Michael McClead Band is excited to announce two new members to our musical family. James Kelton is our new lead guitarist. James is a devoted husband and father, as well as a sold out Christian. To learn more about James, please click HERE. Kevin Smith is our new bassist. Kevin is also a loving husband and dad and a committed Christ follower. Learn more about Kevin HERE. Kevin replaces long-time member, Robin Wing Laninga, who has left the band to spend more time with her family, including new baby J.D. Robin is the author of a new Christian blog. You can visit that blog HERE. We will be keeping Robin (and her family) in our thoughts and prayers. We request that you do the same. We look forward to debuting our entirely new lineup sometime in the very near future.

12.13.2010 Michael McClead welcomes Dean Jones

Michael McClead welcomes drummer Dean Jones to our musical family. Dean replaces long-time friend and member Peter "the Animal" Hermes, who has left to pursue other musical interests. We wish Peter the best and will be keeping him in our prayers. We request you do the same. In addition to being our full time drummer, Dean plays drums in his Church's worship band, is a loving husband to his wife Linda and a loving father to his daughter Abby. Learn more about Dean HERE.

11.8.2010 Raffle to save the Den

Please join us for a fundraiser raffle to save On a Wing and a Prayer and Daniel's Den. The ministry is enduring some financial hardships and after years of serving and giving to our local community, it is our turn to give back. Raffle tickets are only $10 each and the funds go toward helping the Lenhardts (the amazing Christian family that run On a Wing and a Prayer and Daniels Den), Daniels Den, and On a Wing and a Prayer. That's not all! You can win a beautiful Ovation guitar ($400 value!!!), which would make an excellent Christmas gift or an awesome addition to your own musical collection. Please send $10 for each ticket purchased to:

On a Wing & a Prayer
115 East South Street #C
Plano, IL 60545-1595

Don't forget to include your name, address, and phone number. For additional information contact Roxanne Cann at 630-207-3659

07.08.2010 Kendall County Record Article

Writer Matt Schury and the Kendall County Record did an article about our upcoming return to Daniel's Den and the current going ons in the ministry. The article also touches a bit on Michael's amazing testimony and conversion story. Pick up a Kendall County Record now to view the article in its entirety.

07.06.2010 We're Front Page News!!!!

Valley Free Press and writer Doug Oleson did a very generous article about the ministry, the music, and our upcoming Daniel's Den show. To our suprise, the article made the front page of the weekly paper!!! The article talks a little bit about Michael's conversion story from atheism to Christianity and about some of the more recent events in the ministry. You can pick up your own copy of Valley Free Press or get the article in its entirety online HERE .

6.19.2010 We welcome Scott Koetje

We are thrilled to be able to welcome guitarist Scott Koetje to our musical family. We are extremely excited to be working with Scott, who is truly a blessed guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Scott has been touched by God and has amazing gifts to contribute to both music and ministry. Come see Scott perform with us at a venue or festival near you. For more information on Scott Koetje CLICK HERE .

05.29.2010 We welcome Paul McKinney

We are pleased to announce that Paul McKinney is our brand new lead guitarist. Paul is a veteran musician that plays a mean lead guitar. He's also a great guy, a family man, and a strong Christian. We are very pleased to have him as a part of our ministry. You can see Paul play with us for the very first time on June 12 at Six Flags St. Louis. Until then, you can learn more about Paul HERE.

05.22.2010 Jim Rickard Departs

Jim Rickard has officially departed from the band. Jim was an integral part of getting this ministry started a couple of years ago and will always be an enormous piece of our history. Please continue to keep Jim and his family in your prayers. We wish Jim well in his future endeavors.

03.30.2010 MUSIC REVIEW: Kym McNabney Blog

We received an awesome review from writer Kym McNabney at her blog entitled for the Love of Books, Music & Movies. Here's what Kym wrote about the latest record, " Michael McClead is not your typical Christian music. They have a unique style, and sound, almost like Ozzy Osbourne meets Christian music. I almost feel like I'm not listening to Christian music until I focus on the words which are amazing. Each song seems to glide into the next. There's not a bad song on the CD, which says a lot. ". You can check out the blog for yourself at:  http://fortheloveofbooksmusicandmovies.blogspot.com/ . Thanks to Kym, for the most excellent review :)

01.01.2010 No Reasons Why on MVY Radio

Michael McClead's ballad No Reasons Why is now getting airplay on Martha's Vineyard Internet Radio Station's Local Music Cafe. On air since 1983, mvyradio is a heritage Adult Alternative station, known for its groundbreaking efforts on acts like Dave Matthews, Susan Tedeschi, David Gray and Joss Stone. The station also features special Blues and Jazz programming, plus half a dozen independently programmed channels for Singer-Songwriters, Americana and other music forms. mvyradio is one of the most listened-to internet radio stations in the world with mp3 downloads of the enormously popular Local MusiCafe in the hundreds of thousands. MVY Radio is one of the world's greatest and most reknowned internet radio stations and we are excited to team up with them! Visit their site to listen to Michael McClead's No Reasons Why and help yourself to a free MP3 download of the song!

9.25.2009 McClead wins International contest!!!!!!

Michael McClead has won an International contest and his music was chosen to appear on Cross-Section, an amazing Christian compilation CD. Cross-Section is an amazing album put together by the Minnesota Acoustic Christian Songwriters. Cross-Section featuring an eclectic variety of Christian music's finest artists. The name Cross-Section was chosen for 2 reasons. The use of the symbol of Jesus' suffering is important because Christ followers have victory over sin, through the cross. The CD also features a Cross-Section of sounds and talent from the world of Christian music. You can purchase the CD or download card at the MichaelMcClead.com store!!!!

7.30.2009 Unified By Grace CD releases

Unified by Grace has officially been released and features Michael McClead's International Song of World Champions. Unified by Grace is a compilation CD featuring some of the world's finest Christian artists who have come together to help support the impoverished and downtrodden in Uganda, Africa. A portion of all proceeds go to fighting malaria and building much needed medical clinic in Uganda. You can order the new Unified By Grace CD right here at the Michael McClead Store or download it on ITUNES.

6.25.2009 Please join us in helping baby Rocco!

Please join us in helping baby Rocco and his family. Rocco is a 2 year old local boy suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Although his prognosis is good, years of treatment await Rocco and his family will have to battle not only with his illness; but, with the consuming medical costs. Jewel Osco has graciously agreed to help with the costs. You can help too! When you print and sign the form that appears HERE and hand it to a cashier along with your groceries, Jewel Osco has agreed to donate 3% of your total grocery bill to Rocco and his family. It's quick, easy, painless and you can take a step in making a difference in the lives of those who could really use our help! So be the Church, be the body of Christ, get out there and make a difference......

6.18.09 20,000 Views,10,000 Friends, 200,000 Hits

We are pleased to announce that our MySpace page just hit 10,000 friends and our MySpace profile has been viewed more than 21,000 times. Our official site has been viewed nearly 200,000 times with people hearing the music and the Gospel on six of seven continents. That is simply unheard of for a small local indie Christian band. We are grateful that so many people are hearing the music and most importantly, the Gospel. Thank you guys for spreading the word! Please continue to do so. :)

5.15.2009 McCLEAD NOW ON TWITTER!!!!

Michael McClead has officialy joined the Twitter craze.  Twitter is a great way to keep in touch and get updates on the personal going ons of McClead as well as news and updates on the Michael McClead band, delivered right to your cell phone. Please view the official Michael McClead Twitter page at www.twitter.com/MichaelMcClead.

5.1.2009 Michael McClead RADIO Interview + Music

Michael McClead will be taking part of a one hour radio show entirely devoted to his latest record. The show will feature music from McClead’s debut self titled release, as well as an interview with Michael McClead. Please stream live on Sunday May 3rd, 2009 @ 7PM CST. The show can be heard in its entirety by streaming live at www.artistfirst.com.

4.21.2009 THANK YOU: Watershed

We would like to take a minute to thank everyone who came out to the Watershed Cafe in support of our first show with our current lineup. It was truly a pleasure to play for such an incredible group of people and we are absolutely thrilled to have met many of you and to have shared our music and the Gospel with each other. We would like to thank Trish and Dan at the Watershed, along with all the other volunteers, who truly made us feel at home and as if we were members of a long lost family. It was an honor to be able to perform in front of such amazing people.There's nothing like Christian fellowship and we appreciate the fellowship we took part of this Saturday night. Thank you all so very much for your love, prayers, and support. We will be seeing you May 9th at Jacob's Well in Marseilles, IL.

4.4.2009 McClead played on top 10 radio!!!!!

Michael McClead is pleased to announce that two of the songs No Reasons Why and Angel of Mine are getting regular rotation radio airplay on a top 10 internet radio station called Jango. Jango receives 6 million listeners every month, so this is an incredibly exciting time for us here. Check out Jango and our music at: http://www.jango.com/music/Michael+McClead

3.30.2009 CD at CDBABY.COM!!!!

The Michael McClead full length CD is now available at the world's largest distributor of independent music, CDBABY. You can purchase the brand new Michael McClead full length CD by going to our CDBaby account at http://cdbaby.com/cd/mccleadmusic You can also listen to samples of each of the 10 songs on the full length album at the CDBaby website. We are committed to sharing the Gospel message and opening up a faith dialogue using music as a medium. Our music will give thousands the ability to hear the Gospel message, maybe for the first time. Would you please be a part of what we do and help get the Gospel to people today, by purchasing a CD or two? I thank you in advance for your commitment to the Great Commision of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Michael McClead is pleased to announce that we are bringing the show to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. The concert will be held August 22nd, 2009. The first set will begin at 12:30PM and we will be playing mutliple sets that will continue throughout the day. Please join us for what is sure to be a great concert, rides, games, and more fun that you and your entire family will be sure to enjoy. For more information please visit http://www.sixflags.com/greatAmerica

3.12.2009 McClead teams up with Rock for Life!!!!!

Michael McClead is thrilled to be teaming up with Rock For Life and was recently featured on their website, rockforlife.org as a committed Pro-Life artist.

Rock for Life is committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia to America's youth through music and ministry.

Young people are being deceived and manipulated by the music industry! Many of today's popular artists speak out for abortion rights and raise money for pro-abortion causes. They are feeding our youth with the lie that abortion is not only an answer to their problems, but a right they must fight to protect.

To counter this assault on young people, Rock For Life works to bring together bands who stand for the truth - that life is sacred from fertilization until natural death - with no exceptions, no compromise, and no apologies. Rock for Life is dedicated to this fight until abortion is abolished and a respect for the gift of life is restored.

Rock for Life exists to offer you a voice, encouraging you to stand up among your peers and fight against the destruction of your generation.

Rock for Life outreach includes
hosting Rock for Life concerts
presenting educational booths at concerts and festivals
producing pro-life compilation CD's
aiding over 100 Christian and secular bands in presenting the pro-life message

providing literature to students and youth groups
speaking at concerts and youth rallies
equipping bands with pro-life resources to take on tour
maintaining RFL chapters around the country
encouraging and participating in peaceful, legal street level activism
passing out literature in front of high schools
holding prayer and worship services in front of abortion clinics
participating in national pro-life events and activism
providing alternatives for girls in crisis pregnancies

Please visit RockForLife.org for more!!!!!

<a href="http://www.rockforlife.org"><img src="http://www.rockforlife.org/images/WeArePLbannerWEB2.jpg" width="500" height="100" border="0"></a>

2.19.2009 Michael McClead LIVE @ Watershed Cafe

Michael McClead is excited to announce that on April 18th, 2009 we will be playing live at Watershed Cafe in Frankfort, IL. The show will start at 7:30PM. Watershed Cafe is a fantastic place that sells books and coffee in an uplifting and spiritual environment. Admission to the show is FREE. Watershed Cafe is located in Frankfort, IL at 11 White Street. For more information please contact the Watershed Cafe at (815) 464-5230.‎

2.6.2009 McClead on Hallel Radio

We are very pleased to announce that Michael McClead's Angel of Mine is getting airplay on Hallel Music Radio, a Christian radio station that seeks to play only the finest Christian music. Please listen to Hallel Radio and request Angel of Mine at www.hallel-music.com .

2.2.2009 McCLEAD on BUILD THE CHURCH!!!!!

We are absolutely honored and thrilled to announce that Angel of Mine was featured on our favorite Christian music podcast, Build the Church. The podcast and its host, Mark Linder, regularly highlight the best in Indie Christian music. Michael McClead appears on episode 356 along with some other amazing Christian artists including Gregory Bratton,The Great Romance, and Paddington. Please add the Podcast to your ITUNES and check it out at BuildtheChurch.com and MySpace.

1.30.2009 McClead on Annointed Soundz Radio

Michael McClead's No Reasons Why has been receiving airplay on Annointed Soundz Radio. Annointed Soundz is a fantastic station committed to spreading God's word by supporting Christian music from both independent and major label Christian artists. Please listen to Annointed Soundz Radio and request No Reasons Why.


The moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived. The Michael McClead self titled CD that is more than a decade in the making is now available for purchase at MICHAELMCCLEAD.COM. If you enjoy our music or just want to support what we're doing it would mean so very much if you would purchase a copy or two, for yourself and a friend. We also have brand new tee shirts available at the shop and have a special deal for purchasing both a tee shirt and a CD. Also, look for the CD to be on CDBABY, DIGSTATION and ITUNES literally any day now.  Thanks everybody and God Bless you all!!!

1.26.2009 Michael McClead on the RADIO!!!!

It is my great pleasure to announce that our music is now being played on Christian Mix Inet, an amazing Christian radio station playing music for the glory of God! So please check us out on the radio and do all that you can to support this station that allows Christian artists to reach a larger audience and further spread the Word. Visit Christian Mix Inet for more information and to listen.


We are very pleased to announce that we were able to secure a number of gigs this summer with Six Flags in St. Louis, MO. We will be playing with artists like Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, and the David Crowder Band and are sure to have an amazing time. We'll have a CD/TeeShirt table open all day, so be sure to stop by and say hello! What could be better than spending a summer day in fellowship and worship, enjoying awesome Christian music in the middle of Six Flags? So, make these dates a part of your summer plans now and join us for great rides and great music.

Friday June 19th w/ Toby Mac
Saturday June 27th Joyfest w/ David Crowder Band
Saturday August 8th Christian Family Day w/ MercyMe
Saturday September 19th Praise-A-Palooza w/ Jeremy Camp

*All Shows begin at 11:00 am, with our set occuring at 2:00PM each day. We will be performing at the Live & Local stage in the middle of the park. Toby Mac, David Crowder Band, and MercyMe will all be performing at 7:00PM on their respective days. Jeremy Camp will be performing at 5:00PM. Six Flags is located at the intersection of Interstate 44 and Six Flags Road in St. Louis, MO. For more information, please visit sixflags.com/stlouis. We'll see you there!!!!

1.21.2009 McClead teams up with TAXI

Our TAXI page is finally up and can be viewed at www.taxi.com/MichaelMcClead. The page features a brand new Michael McClead interview conducted by TAXI, along with music, biographies and other McClead tidbits. TAXI is the world's leading A&R repertoire company and have come to an agreement with us on shopping our music to films, compilations, and major record labels. So, once again, we have found a way to bring more of our music to more of you! Please enjoy the page! God Bless!!!


1.16.2009 LIVE @ Jacob's Well in Marseilles, IL

We are very pleased and blessed to announce that we will be playing live @ Jacob's Well in Marseilles, Illinois. We will be playing on May 9th, 2009. Doors will open at 6:00pm. We will be taking the stage at 6:30PM. Jacob's Well is located in Fellowship Hall behind the Marseilles Church of the Nazarene, 1292 Morris Road, just off of US Route 6 at the east end of Marseilles, IL (entrance is at the middle of the "S curve"). We look forward to seeing everyone there! For additional information please visit Jacob's Well.

1.15.2009 Michael McClead now on SONICBIDS

Michael McClead has a new site available on Sonicbids. The site is an electronic press kit of sorts and is primarily for venues and for the business area of music; but, can be enjoyed by friends and fans as well. It is with high hopes that our affiliation with Sonicbids will allow us to play more shows and bring more of the music to you. Please visit the new Sonicbids site now

1.13.2009 CD to Release on January 27th!!!!

Michael McClead and friends are very pleased to announce the official release date of the much anticipated self titled full length CD. The album will officially release on Tuesday January 27th. You will be able to order your very own copy, right here at MichaelMcClead.com.


Three new full length songs have been added to the MySpace page. You can now listen to the UNMASTERED version of No Reasons Why, Angel of Mine, and We'll Get Through All of This. The MASTERED versions of these songs and the MASTERED versions of the other seven will be available on the full length that will be released in January 2009, so look for that here, on ITunes, CDBaby and your nearest record store!!! Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy!

12.20.2008 McClead band welcomes Robyn Wing

We are very pleased to announce that Robyn Wing is the newest member of our musical family. She will be playing the role of "jack of all trades" as she becomes our new bassist/violinist/mandolin player. Robyn is immensely talented and a super awesome human being. We are confident that you will love her, just as much as we do. We are very pleased to welcome Robyn aboard and look forward to formally introducing her very soon.

11.28.2008 McCLEAD teams up with AMAZON.COM

You may have noticed the heavy dose of Amazon.com advertisements here on the site. Amazon has decided to team up with Michael McClead and MichaelMcClead.com as an affiliate. That's right, Amazon is actually supporting the ministry financially! Everytime you click on an Amazon.com link, from this site, and follow through with the purchase of any item on Amazon.com, we will see a portion of those funds. So please help us out, click on an Amazon.com link at this site and buy something to help keep this ministry striving strong! A special thanks goes out to our new team member Amazon.com for the opportunity.

11.25.08 McClead on ChristianHappenings.com

Michael McClead is now being featured on ChristianHappenings.com. ChristianHappenings.com is your premiere source for Christian events taking place in Illinois and the entire United States. A big thank you to Christian Happenings for listing us. All future Michael McClead shows will be featured on the site. Please visit the site and use ChristianHappenings.com to look for the latest in Christian music near you. Enjoy!


Michael McClead is very pleased to announce two upcoming shows for the 2009 season, both at Daniel's Den in Plano, IL. The first show will be played on Friday May 22, 2009 at 7:30 PM and the second show will be played on Friday September 4th, 2009 also at 7:30PM. Daniel's Den is located inside the On a Wing and a Prayer Christian Bookstore located at 115 East South Street in Plano, IL. For more information, please visit our shows section.

11.3.08 Bassist Wanted

We are looking for a bassist to complete our lineup. Influences include Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Larry Norman, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Newsboys, U2. Must love Jesus, fellowship, music. Practice in Yorkville, Chicago and Glenview. Carpool is available. Bass player will participate in live shows and studio sessions and be the fourth member of our musical family.

To inquire:
Email: mccleadmusic@aol.com


Michael McClead's debut album is now finished and currently in the process of being printed and mass produced. Look for the album right here on MichaelMcClead.com, CDBaby and on ITunes. In the meantime, the Michael McClead live band is gearing up to play shows well worth the wait and well worth your while beginning in 2009. Stay tuned....

8.18.08 McClead teams with the Green Bay Packers

International Song of World Champions will be featured on Tom Pellisero's (assistant sports editor for the Green Bay Press Gazzette) Green Bay Packers podcast. International Song of World Champions was first featured on the August 18th edition of Pellisero's show and will continue to be featured indefinitely. Pellisero is one of sport's greatest writers and personalities and we are huge fans of the podcast, so check it out HERE and enjoy a sneak peak of International Song of World Champions!!!!

6.22.2008 MichaelMcClead.com Debuts!!!

Welcome to MichaelMcClead.com where visiting our site is more than just music, it's an experience. We are pleased to have you. Feel free to listen to the new medley, featuring clips of five songs from the soon to be released album. Take your time and browse every area of our site. Our house is your house. Thanks for visiting.

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